Lesson in the Post Service

How it works

We send you an initial assessment tests (recognized in state and independent schools. This will help us assess your child’s ability so we can put your child on the appropriate program.
The work program consists of carefully structures weekly lesson booklets. They are sent to your home for each week of the school calendar, so you get all the usual school holidays. 
Each week there will be about 10-15 worksheets (depending on the subjects you are doing), presented in a fun and colorful way, with plenty of variety.
It is advisable that you and your child spend at least half an hour or 1 hour each day to work through the worksheet, it will leave the weekends free for hobbies and family events.
A little quiet learning each day not only leads to steady progress but also develop a life skill for success.
Work requirement is less if pupils are doing a single subject as Maths , English or Creative Writing.
You can choose to organise the work around your family timetable.  Most children work every evening, but some prefer to work in the mornings before school.
As a parent, The work programme is planned for you, so all you have to do is encourage and support your child through it.  Parents really enjoy getting involved and with our work programmes and guidance, you can become a brilliant teacher!  It is very rewarding.
Sometimes we ask you to send us special pieces of work, but generally you mark the work at home, so your child gets immediate feedback. 
Answers are supplied, and explanations are very clear.
You  will almost certainly notice the difference yourself if you follow this programme  accordingly, but to actually measure this progress, we will send you further assessment tests every now and then, free of charge.
We provide support and mentoring for you and your child everytime. We are happy to discuss schools , problems and other related issues.  Most parents and children like to email us on a regular basis to tell how they are getting on.
This programme require commitment from you at first but once you get into the routine , it becomes very easy.
It is 75% cheaper than 1 to 1 tuition and more rewarding when parents get involved. You will find that parent’s involvement is the most powerful way of getting result with guidance from us. It becomes part of your busy lives once you get into the routine.
You will notice the difference in your child’s performance at school within few months of starting this programme,

Parents outside the UK

We regularly get asked to help Parents who are living outside the UK. Sometimes these are ex-pat’s with children at International Schools, sometimes these are foreign nationals.
We can help Parents overseas either with 11 Plus exam needs or who need help with Maths and /or English outside an exam environment.
Our courses provide varied work that children find genuinely interesting and involving.
We do not focus on repetitive work (apart from where it is essential such as with times tables).
We tend to focus on skills acquisition , motivational skills and then skills application so that children have a balance of pure Arithmetic skills (many of our competitors focus on pure Arithmetic) and application of skills to problem solving and preparation towards success in Grammar school exams and Independent schools exams. We also focus  SATS levels.  
All of our assessments are to National Standards and we believe both the Maths and English work we provide is perfectly suited to running alongside normal school work because it has been designed like that.
We are 30% cheaper than other supplementary education providers.
You can also decide to join our centre programme at the centres on Saturdays if you are based in Barnet or nearby area .
The cost for our Maths and English courses are:
Single Subject £300per term ( 12 lessons at £25 each) Monthly equivalent cost £36 per month.
Maths and English £480 ( 12 double lessons at £40 each) Monthly equivalent cost of £63 per month.
Once you are on a course we make a commitment to hold the price throughout your relationship with us.
Call us to discuss your lesson in the post needs on   +447737413749 

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