Pre-School Classes

As part of our continuous support for parents of PRE SCHOOL CHILDREN, we are starting a new preschool class to help preschool children prepare for school, 5+ exam, reading class. This will enable us mentor the children from a very young age, preparing them for school, exams and all aspect of life.
We are determined to breed future leaders at 1st Class!

Call us on 07737413749
Email: admin@1stClass-tuition.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1stClassTuition/
Instagram : @1stclasstuition

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The following basic skills will be taught in the class of 3 children per Tutor:
· putting on coats
· washing hands
· fastening shoes and general behaviour
· introduction to medial as pencil and paper, boards, paints and music
· Counting, phoenix, reading etc
· Preparation for 5+ into Prep schools